Article II - Purpose (Mission & Guiding Principles)

Mission Statement

CHNA9 brings together and supports diverse voices to promote health equity in our communities.

Guiding Principles

In furtherance of its mission, CHNA9 will:

  1. Identify the health needs of member communities
  2. Find ways to address those needs
  3. Improve a broad scope of health in these communities
  4. Align activities with the North Central MA regional Community Health Improvement Plan
  5. Promote shared power and responsibility among representatives with lived and professional experience in each of the CHIP areas and representing the full diversity of North Central MA
  6. Place equity at the center of all goals and strategies
  7. Support collaboration among CHNA 9 partner organizations to align resources and efforts for collective impact
  8. Implement upstream strategies with a focus on systems change
  9. Such other activities the Board deems in furtherance of this mission