Article IX - Financial Capacity & Accountability

Raising of Operational Funds

As a charitable nonprofit tax-exempt organization under the 501(c)3 Internal Revenue Code provisions, the CHNA9 will have the power to request financial assistance in the form of individual and corporate donations, government and philanthropic grants and contracts, and to raise funding by organizing fundraising events. The collection, use and accounting of these funds will be accurate and transparent to the Board and to the public at large.

Annual Audit

The CHNA9 will have all of its financial records audited annually by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and an Annual Audit will be presented to the Board of Directors to be reviewed and approved. The Certified Public Accountant conducting the annual audit will communicate directly with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors and will turn the annual audit over to her/him/them, rather than to the Staff, to maintain the integrity of the organization.

Accountability to Financial Supporters

After being reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, the Annual Audit will be distributed to all funding sources, and to any of the Board members of the CHNA9 and members of the community at large who request it. The Annual Audit should also be an integral part of the Annual Report of the CHNA9.